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Davis’ 38 points highlight importance to Pelicans

Anthony Davis continued to show just why he is many people’s candidate as this season’s Most Valuable Player award after scoring 38 points in the New Orleans Pelicans’ morale-boosting 101-99 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 21-year old has been sensational this season and the Pelicans were once again thankful to the number-one draft pick from 2012 for almost single-handily guiding them to a win.

The power forward racked up his 38 points with 16-of-22 shooting, including 12 rebounds and three blocked attempts in 37 minutes. While a performance like that would usually prove to be a player’s stand-out performance of the season, for Davis is was just another day at the office in a season in which he has recorded at least 30 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks five times. Those figures have only been reached on seven occasions this season, with Davis responsible for five of them.

Davis has been one of the most prolific scorers in the league, ranking third in the scoring charts after shooting 57.9 per cent from the field, 11th in the rebound charts, first in blocks and, most impressively, leading the league in player efficiency rating by a huge margin. The facts are that if Davis continues as he has been, he’ll finish the year with the single highest PER in the history of the NBA.

Davis isn’t one to go looking for shots or create late-game takeovers, he showed he is capable of playing a massive role in the latter stages of a game with his performance against the Thunder, scoring 11 points in the fourth quarter. Following Russell Westbrook’s potential match-winning three with 34 seconds remaining, it was Davis stole the headlines again with a game winning score in the dying moments to give the Pelicans a big win and spring a surprise for a lot of punters betting with the likes of Betfair on a Thunder victory.

Despite Davis’ incredible season, though, there’s still a chance his team’s disappointing record will rule him out from serious MVP consideration at the end of the season awards.

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Online Horse Racing - Safest Process for Racing

Horse racing is one of the most common forms of gaming that had been practiced since a long time back. From the early days people used to bet on the horses which can run faster. The trend has not gone past time. In the early 1950s, betting on the racing horses was considered a game of the rich people. The concept has changed in recent years and henceforth one can even bet on the game through online betting also.

How to bet on horses online?
The basic issue that may prevent a person about betting on the horses online is that, he cannot meet the horses personally. This may be taken as one of the most concerning issues. Modern day gamblers love to think a little different than the orthodox gamblers. That is why a look on the physique of the horse does not matter to them at all. There are several horse racing sportsbooks, which include all the details of the horses. One can easily get a clear idea about the animals through these sportsbooks.

Once the player gets the idea about the horses, it should not be an issue to decide about choosing the best one to set a bet.

What is the best time for betting on horses?
There is no such time, which can be coined as the best time for betting because the winner will always win regardless of the odds. However, it is considered that summer is the best season to bet on the horses. It is not that the animals stay in the best shape at that time but most of the famed players and racers would also be available at that time. A good gambler would always try to compete with many others of his kind.

Is the online betting safe?
A site that provides details of the racing and most importantly let the player take a look on the statistics after registration should be a good one. If the player is registered with such a site, there should not be an issue with it. These sites would provide all the data regarding the sportsbook US players so that one can also choose the jokey for the horses.

The process of online or video betting is one of the safest modes because of its easy access to all kinds of data and statistics. If there is any kind of trouble, an expert player can sniff it before the problem deepens.

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens is set to undergo the trade deadline circus

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens is set to undergo his first journey through the trade deadline circus next week. As like as his general viewpoint with coaching, he’s paying attention on what he can manage and trying to block out any blast that can divert him from the task at hand.

According to ESPN, Boston Celtics coach was asked two questions 1) whether the team would look similar when it returned to Boston later this month and 2) whether it should look the same after the deadline.

Stevens answered very smartly. He said: “Those are hard questions to answer. I don’t know either way,” adding that, “At the end of the day, that’s why I’m the coach and somebody else is doing that. And that’s probably good. But I think what I’m going to do is focus on the guys we have and, if that changes, then I’ll focus on whoever else is here.”

The Boston Celtics have already made 2 in-season trades that forced Stevens to manage alternations while the Celtics went 2-15 in January. While the trade rumors haven’t been too huge of a disruption so far, Stevens knows that they can be this time of year.

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